was set up by some activists in the BBCresearchcentral area. We like doing activism, supporting activism infrastructure, and techie stuff. And was the result. It’s a new and ongoing project, and we hope that it will evolve over time. But we’re also busy with other stuff, so please don’t hold your breath.

Our hosting allows for HTML, PHP, Perl, MySQL, and a couple of other things. We’ve also got Drupal CMS so that you can edit your own site even if you don’t know how to write code.

We only use free and open source software, so by using us you can be confident that you’re not supporting software corporations that want to take control of your PC and the web in general.

what we can provide (and what we can’t)

If you’re interested in getting you site hosted by us then please get in touch. But read the terms & conditions below first.

some of our terms and conditions

We’re generally a friendly bunch, and open to suggestions about what sites we host. But just so you know …

If you’re interested in getting improved you site in search engine. You can contact us then please visit But read the terms & conditions above first.

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